TC 1700

Compact Evaporator Coil

Product Details

When ordering coils, please specify the following information:

  • Model: TC-1700
  • Piping (Left or Right)
  • Master, Slave or Full-prep
  • Discharge (Top or Front)
  • Drain (Side, Down)
  • Freon (R-22, R-404, R134)
Tech Support
  • (855) 620-1898

    Our 1700 BTU compact evaporator unit delivers high output heat transfer with patented state of the art blower system.
    Digital controlled temperature and defrost control. Ease of install and service in standard design. Stainless steel housing provides durable chassis for lifetime of service
    – Stainless steel housing standard
    – Field adjustable airflow top to front
    – Digital controller for temps and defrost
    – Low and medium temps available
    – Epoxy dipped coil standard. Coil can be removed and replaced saving the housing
    – Patented high efficient blower system standard. Prevents freezing with Max BTU.
    – No external timeclocks needed for air or electric defrost
    – 1700-2000 BTU Rated.
    • 115V1 Phase Power
    • Plumbing Connections
    – Foam Packing
    – Instructional Manual
    – Warranty Card
    Specifications TC1700
    – UL listed for quality assurante
    – NSF Tested for national compliance
    – Please see the DRAWINGS for dimensions
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