Green Initiative


Green Initiative

We at Turbo Coil Refrigeration Systems take our environmental responsibility very seriously. The designs of our products and our manufacturing procedures reflect this very well in all that we do. Our products are made from stainless steel, aluminum,copper and brass. Our components are interchangeable and can be replaced individually and are all 100% recyclable thus no need to ever replace our entire units.

We have new products being developed that will be HFC refrigerant free and use non polluting refrigerants and Glycol that are 100% ozone friendly and Non CO2 generating. Our products will have long life spans to eliminate UN-needed manufacturing of new units in the future.

Turbo Coil is emerging on the forefront of the HVAC Industry ready for the challenges of the 21st century world where we all live and will strive continually to maintain a green objective in our company protocol.

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