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September 7, 2017

RE: New Company Information – Turbo Coil Refrigeration Systems, Inc.

Dear Valued Customer,

We are excited to announce Big Dawg Manufacturing is now the exclusive provider of Turbo Coil
refrigeration products!

Turbo Coil Refrigeration Systems, Inc., over the past five years has been an industry recognized
innovator and leader in refrigeration technology. Generating a unique platform of patented technology
centered‐around the Turbo Coil evaporator coil the Company addresses future environmental and
energy efficiency concerns.

As you may or may not know the assets of Turbo Coil Refrigeration Systems, Inc. were acquired by The
Montague Company on July 1, 2017. Future business and operations of Turbo Coil will be conducted
under the business entity Big Dawg Manufacturing, LLC with same family ownership common to The
Montague Company. Products manufactured under the brand Turbo Coil will continue to be
manufactured under the brand name Turbo Coil however will also be labeled in conjunction with Big
Dawg Manufacturing LLC. Future Turbo Coil product labeling will be Turbo Coil by Big Dawg Mfg, LLC.

Please note the following contact information change for all the quality products and services you have
come to enjoy and expect from Turbo Coil:

Big Dawg Manufacturing, LLC
4701 Littlejohn Street, Unit A
Baldwin Park, CA 91706

Toll Free: (855) 620‐1898
Direct: (626) 358‐8704
Fax: (626) 932‐1560
Website: www.bigdawgusa.com
Email: sales@bigdawgusa.com

Let us help you make the conversion from Turbo Coil Refrigeration Systems to Big Dawg Manufacturing
by contacting our support staff who can assist with any necessary paperwork to transition your vendor
profile and account to our new entity. Formerly a primary sales contact for Turbo Coil, Hector
Delgadillo, is no longer affiliated with either Big Dawg Manufacturing or The Montague Company and
any future communication correspondence related to Big Dawg Manufacturing and/or Turbo Coil
products should be directed to sales via contact information shown above.

All of us at Big Dawg Manufacturing are ready to assist with making your operation as efficient as
possible with world class, cutting edge technology built to the highest standards of construction.

Thank you for your continued support of the Turbo Coil brand!


Joe Deckelman
V.P. Sales and Marketing
Big Dawg Manufacturing, LLC

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